The Drone DNA 250C by Lost Vape comes in an elegant black box with chrome lettering and logo in the shape of a triangular prism.

Inside we find the Mod, a spare bottle, the USB cable, the OTG one, the warranty coupon, and the English user manual.



As for the detailed technical specifications, you can visit Drone DNA 250C for details.

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Let's start with the aesthetic aspect.


The Drone DNA 250C is the new version of the previous 166w model.  At first glance, it may seem almost identical to the old version. I will explain later. There are many differences.


The Mod in my possession has amber and matte black coloring, with sharp lines, but with appropriately rounded corners.


It is visibly a very narrow box mod. For a choice of stylistic continuity and the DNA Color chip size, the Mod is visibly very high and probably has the highest Mod bf dual battery on the market.


In the front, we find the activation button, the classic DNA Color display, which is well organized and legible, and surmounts the three up / down keys/menu, the USB socket for charging and the connection to Escribe via PC.


In the upper part, we find the cup fixed by two screws located under a plastic cap. It allows to host atoms up to about 38mm.


Display and functions:


The infinite potential of the DNA Color circuit has already been widely discussed. 


Use and personal impressions:

The Mod delivers a maximum of 200w. The dispensing is excellent as usual for DNA circuits. Good activation speed and battery management.


This Mod has the same dimensions as the previous model, but aesthetically I find it more modern and appealing, especially in the amber versions.


The other important improvement that has been made to this historic model has been the considerable weight reduction, made possible by the use of aluminum for the frame and the massive use of plastic materials in the external parts, such as polycarbonate and not Ultem, as it is mistakenly or slyly suggested by Lost Vape itself.


By removing the rear mask, which has two magnets and interlocking parts, and I would have preferred to be a little more "solid", you can access the battery compartment with the strap and the compartment that houses the bottle, separated from each other by an appropriate bulkhead.


The insertion and extraction of the two 18650s, both with the positive poles facing upwards, is very simple, while one of the bottles is slightly less so,  to be extracted it must be "pinched" with two fingers.


The bottle, unlike the old version, is made of silicone and is very soft.

It is a proprietary bottle and contains about 8ml of liquid, although you can use other bottles with the same diameter (18mm), but which will normally be a little shorter and not have the same capacity.

 Drone DNA 250C  Review

The position of the bottle obliges us to use your thumb to squonk. I would have preferred a slightly bigger window, both in height and in width, to facilitate squonking, which would have been easily possible by increasing the size of the window in the mask, without changing anything else.


The Mod is extremely ergonomic, very light. Equipped with the Chip DNA 250C, it is certainly one of the best on the market.


These features make it today, one of the most interesting and performing Box Mod bf dual batteries on the market.