The Luxotic DF box Mod is packaged in a box with the name of the brand, the box mod itself and a photo.

Inside the box, we find a spare bottle, a USB cable for charging and for any software updates and the instruction manual of the box mod.

I will try not to talk about available colors or all the technical data that you can easily find on the Sourcemore or Wismec site. I will try to give you in detail my impressions as a user of this product, a product much awaited by lovers of electronic box Mods bf dual battery, a segment that has been neglected for a long time by the various producers, with rare exceptions.

Wismec DF Mod

Let's start from the aesthetic aspect.

The box mod already at a first glance remains faithful to the lines of the Wismec tradition inaugurated with the 3-battery versions, already present in the Reuleaux Rx 200, continued with the next Rx 2/3, up to the current Rx Gen3
The Box mod is very compact,  reproducing the size of the Gen3. I almost cannot believe it can accommodate 18650s.
On the other hand, I find it a bit bulky and even if it is not the case at first glance, in side view, it seems almost square.

The part that houses the display, follows the Rx2 version in design, a very large fire button with an unusual shape, and a rocker arm up / down button, a design which, in my opinion, is less captivating than the later Gen3 versions, which has the classic circular button with the inscription Jay-Bo (the designer's name) and the two round up / down buttons, are definitely more appealing. Personally, I would have preferred the design of the latest Wismec.

Wismec DF Box Mod

The display is hidden behind a black plastic screen, as recently the case on many Box Mods by other brands. Under normal conditions, it is quite bright, but not to be checked under intense sunlight, because the box mod does not have the function to adjust brightness.

In the upper part, we find, as usual for Wismec, no cup, but the pin is drowned directly in the shell. It is therefore completely painted, which obliges to use a protective disk between the atom and the box mod to protect it from scratching and losing varnish. Unfortunately, there is no small disk supplied.

Wismec DF box mod top

The most tapered part of the box mod is where the super soft white semitransparent bottle which is enclosed by a removable metal frame, graphically pleasing but far from user-friendly.

Wismec DF box mod bottom

Viewed from the top or bottom, the box mod is much more angular than a Gen3 that has the rounded corners of the "rhombus", which makes it less "soft" to the grip.

In the lower part, there is the sliding door with anchor teeth, where there are air vents, which allow, upon opening, to access the batteries and the bottle.

We continue with the functions of the software.

The Box mod delivers from 1 to 200w in power mode, with increments of one Watt for each click (great feature). unfortunately, if you hold down a key the speed with which you increase or decrease, the Wattage is exaggerated.
There are the classic modes of operation in TC, TCR, and of course in Power.
There are the preheat and stealth functions and the ability to display on the screen the number of puffs, the total seconds of activation (totally useless) or the most useful Ampère.
Bypass and possibility to adjust the brightness of the screen are absent.
The Box mod has a reading range between 0.05 and 3.00 Ohms.
There is also the possibility to download Articfox and to add various logos.

We come now to the use of the box mod.

The activation key is hard enough to avoid unwanted activations and is also activated by pressing it in the corners.
The buttons work well, but they are a little too close to the lower ledge.
The refill system is the thing I like the least. The bottle of 7ml is super soft and nourishes well, the semi-transparent white color allows you to see the liquid level sufficiently well, but its metal cap is mediocre, as the ring part that remains anchored to the bottle is too thin and you have difficulty in getting a good grip during the filling operation of the bottle.
It would have been enough to make it thicker or tighten the top cap. It is not difficult to get your hands dirty.

There are much better bottles, better designed and more functional.
Refill is cumbersome, in the version in my possession I have to slide the lower door, then open it (otherwise it remains still), remove the metal frame, which would make sense if removing it would allow the bottle to slip off without having to open the lower door in order to make everything quick and not have to worry about the possible leakage of the batteries. but it is not!

You must then take out the bottle, unscrew the cap, refill and repeat everything in reverse.

In Box mods with an immersion tube, with a button, the door is opened and the bottle is removed.  Ready to be recharged in a moment, simple effective and decidedly quicker.
The pin of the tray, in my version, does not present an anomaly, but does not lock well with the tube (perhaps too loose) and substantially the bottle slips by itself. But for now, it does not leak liquid.
Wismec DF Mod and bottle
Final conclusions:

Would I buy or recommend this box? Yes.
Because it is the most beautiful on the market? No
Because I like it aesthetically and it is free from defects? No.

I recommend it because the electronic circuit works well, delivers well and since it is already present on the Wismec non-bf versions, it is also free from overt defects, it also has good battery management and an excellent price/performance ratio.
I recommend it because my aesthetic taste may not match that of many others and most of the flaws I find are resolvable or maybe will be through an upgrade. You can buy a disk, change a bottle and/or a tube and get used to the cumbersome refill system.

But the unique and winning feature of this box is the size... a dual battery in metal bf so small and light (about 190g) had never been seen and even if it is a bit 'sharp, it easily and comfortably held in your hand and also in your pocket.


Thanks so much for the review from our reviwer Marco Malatesti