The Dovpo TopSide 90w comes in a plastic box very well made with the upper sliding door, covered with cardboard on which are the name of the Box and lots of photos.

Inside the box, we find a USB cable for charging and for any software updates, an Allen screw and two spare screws for the bottle-frame group, the instruction manual of the box in English and other sheets with the various warnings, guarantees, and various sheets.


In a separate box, we have a second bottle which is supplied with a cap and can also be used as an additional tank.

I will try as usual not to talk about unnecessary talk about available colors or all the technical data that you can easily find in the Sourcemore link or on the Dovpo website, but I will try to give you in detail my impressions of the user.

Let's start from the aesthetic aspect.

The box mod has a very unique line, in my opinion very military style that struck me since the first time I saw it, very different from many Box bf on the market with soft lines that follow the shape of the parts that are inside the body , rounded lines around the bottle and the battery and more rectilinear in the circuit-display area.


In front view, under the round and rounded button, we find a classic display, which although of more generous size, reminds me of that of Dovpo Rouge. Below the display, we find the up / down keys and a series of loopholes that hide a perforated grid reminiscent of a microphone, but it is just the ventilation grid of the circuit.


The keys have the right hardness and are black regardless of the color of the box.


Curiously in the lower part is not the USB socket that is instead housed on one side.


In the back of the body, which houses the bottle, there is a large opening to easily press the squonk bottle, opening that I think could have been finished a little 'better, so as to be less "raw" to the touch. In the upper part, there are some fake more aesthetic slits that improve the grip.

Below we have the sliding door that reminds me a lot of the shape of the Double Barrel V3, another Box Military style analogous lines.

At the top, we find a shaped metal frame that houses the 510 attack and the housing for the insertion of the bottle surmounted by the cap for the refill.


Inside the battery compartment, we find a plastic sleeve that allows us to go from 2 * 700 to 18650 batteries.


Display and functions.

The software of this Box mod is very simple and the functions are really basic: Power and bypass.

The update for the TC function is now available on the Dovpo website

The display is very classic but clearly visible and shows all the values we need: Ohm, Volt and Ampère and of course the Watts, ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 90.


Usage and personal impressions.

The circuit is very simple, the management of the battery is more than good as it is the delivery, except perhaps, for when the battery is exhausted, which, however, does not bother me too much since I replace the batteries before that are completely empty.

The Box mod is solid and well built, has a generous size and of course, not being plastic is anything but light, it goes without saying that certainly has not been designed for lovers of small and compact boxes.

The fact that guests batteries 2 * 700 and a flask with 10ml capacity makes it obvious.

The bottle is absolutely the most important part of this box.

The 10ml capacity allows a remarkable autonomy that goes well with the choice of being able to mount 2 * 700 batteries.

Made of very thick silicone, it requires a strong pressure, while the suction is very important and immediate.

It is inserted on a frame that gives rigidity and allows the use of a cap that represents an absolute novelty for the sector.

In the lower part of the cap, there are two rubbery protuberances that have the task of occluding the large slots for the refill, which is then fixed by screwing it to the body.

Basically, the bottle refills like a Tank, and the possibility of getting your hands dirty or that there are leaks from the cap is absolutely zero, which makes this Box mod unique and establishes a new market standard in my opinion.

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DOVPO Topside 90W Squonk Mod

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