Today we have an interesting single coil RDA in our hands - Paradox RDA, created in conjunction with YouTube reviewer Fix_RB.

This device is rather expensive, so we`ll see if it is worth it!


Let's start with unpacking!

paradox rda

The RDA comes in a gray box. On the front side, there is a window for viewing the device, the Vandy Vape company logo and the name of the Paradox RDA with a notice “designed by”.

The reverse side shows the contents of the kit and some features of the device.

On the sides, there are manufacturer's data, various certification marks, a sticker indicating the color, serial number, and barcode.


Continue unpacking!

 paradox rda

The full set is: RDA itself with a pre-installed squonk-pin, Ultem drip tip, two Delrin drip tip (810 with notches and a high 510 with metal), an adapter for a 510 drip tip, spare screws, rings, a standard pin, a small hexagon screwdriver and a blue slot screwdriver  (for some reason I did not have it, but it should be inside).

Also inside a one Fused Clapton coil (26ga*3 + 38ga nichrome) with a resistance of 0.2 ohm is included.


Specification: Diameter is 24 mm, height is 30 mm with a complete 810 Ultem drip tip. As I said, RDA is designed for a single coil, but there is enough space for "fat" one to fit in.

By the way, drip exists in steel and black. In my case it is black. Both are made of stainless steel.



The RDA consists of three parts - base, top cap, and drip tip.

Outside the top of the cap is matt black, there is a kind of extruded logo engraving, and on the top, there are rifled notches that carry only a decorative function.

paradox rda

The top cap is held by two rather thick O-rings, and adjustment is configurated by turning it left or right.

 paradox rda on mod

To prevent free rotation of the dome, a key is provided on the base, and on the dome, there is a small groove on the inside.


The evaporating chamber has a so-called “bell” treatment, which, according to the manufacturer, should provide a much better taste transfer than in the usual sphere.

The base is quite interesting!

paradox rda base

It is gilded, designed for one spiral and has huge screws with a diameter of 6 mm for a flat slot in its composition.
The distance between plus and minus is about 8mm, so the installation of a large coil shouldn`t be a problem.

For a convenient squonk at the very bottom, in the center, a so-called “distribution bridge” is provided, so the bath is evenly filled with liquid. The volume of the bath is 1.5ml.

The airflow is realized by two holes on both sides. The system is that the air passes under the channels in the racks, bends around the screws and goes up from under coil.

The solution is not bad, but when air passes through them there is a small whistle that will not appeal to everyone. Tightening with fully open holes is not completely free, and even with almost completely closed holes very far from the MTL level.

The serial number, Paradox, and Fix_RB logos are engraved on the reverse side of the base. The pin is gold plated, bulging, and is perfect for mechanical mods with a hybrid connection!

 paradox rda coil building

As I already wrote, installing and laying cotton wool is convenient, but still, I recommend biting off coil legs in advance so as not to bother yourself after installation.

For the test, I also put an included coil, which was ok in general, but I decided to put my own Fused Clapton coil, which I had tested for a long time.

Nothing special to say about the drip tips, except that I like the 810s made of and Delrin from Ultem. They sit perfectly, look good, and do not spoil the taste!

But 510...I do not like it, not my style at all.

But all other drip tips are sitting frankly bad - some hang out, and fall out once or twice, others go too tight.

Tests, sensations and conclusions!

RDA demonstrates decent, but not the best taste among other single-coil analogs (in my opinion - Drop Solo was somewhat tastier), but the quantity and quality of steam are above all praise - it is thick and there is a lot of it. Really cool!

Another comforting thing is the installation of the spirals, the volume of the bath, the quality of matt black paint, and overall the appearance is very good.

These were pros, and now let's talk about the cons!

Of the cons, I can note the quality of gold paint on racks, screws, and the screws themselves - the gilding peels off literally from touching it with the screwdriver, or, as I had, from touching it with ceramic tongs.

Well, the last controversial minus that I can put is the price — $37.99, of course, is not cheap.

 I give it 9/10. Very good RDA!

And as always with you was Vladsmesh, see you in the next time!