The Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA   by Heathen & Hellvape is a 25mm atom top airflow, it comes in a box with a printed logo and the name of the atom.

Dead Rabbit RTA

Inside we find the atom in 2.0ml configuration and a box containing the 4.5ml bubble glass and the usual spare parts: screws, gaskets, screwdriver, Allen wrench, a 510 adapter, and a second black drip tip, always 810, like the one mounted on the atom.

Dead Rabbit RTA
There is also a booklet of instructions in various languages, including Italian.

As for the technical specifications and the various colors available, I refer you to the Sourcemore site.
The one in my possession is opaque black (full black).
The refill is comfortable, thanks to the upper cup with the classic thread.
Under the cup, we find the airflow adjustment ring which has excellent contrast.

We come now to the particularities of this atom.
The upper and lower cup are both provided with good knurling which favors opening and closing.
The deck, substantially identical to that of the 24mm Dead Rabbit, allows for dual or single coil builds and the slots for inserting the cotton are generous in size.
The bell is connected directly, through two openings to the external airflow, so that the air arrives from top to bottom hitting the coils, a system already seen for example on the MK RTA.
The bell has two grooves that must match two teeth in the lower cup to close the atom.

The airflow is very generous and the atom is very airy if the air is cut down, but this allows, together with the fact that the deck is very large, to be able to use aggressive builds without any problems.

I have built it using different build features, using Kanthal A1, 24/22 as a rule, varying the number of turns (5/6), on 3mm tip, but also using complex coils and always suitably straining the cotton and cutting it just below of the buttonhole, with creamy liquids between 55 and 100w of power.
I recommend replacing the slotted screws in the deck with the practical Allen wrenches supplied.

Final considerations:
Aesthetically reminiscent of the Elevate RTA and the coloration in my possession is very aggressive.
The atom is well built and is obviously leakproof.
The aromatic yield of the atom is more than good as it is excellent to be able to use more aggressive builds compared to a similar atom and for those who want a dual coil top airflow is certainly to be held in high regard.