The Aqua Master RTA by Footoon is a 24mm dual coils atom, designed in Korea.

It comes in a box printed with the name of the atomizer. Inside we find the atom with the standard 2.6ml glass and the 4.4ml bubble glass. Below we find some spare parts: two screws, spare gaskets, and a three-headed screwdriver. The equipment is anything but rich, there are no pre-coiled wires, cotton, 510 adapter, nor an additional drip tip, nor are there any leaflets, guarantees or other equipment that is normally present in support of most of the other atomizers on the market.

Footoon Aqua Master RTA


As for the detailed technical specifications and the various colors available, I refer you to the site of Sourcemore and that of Footoon.

The atom is a 24mm. The one in my possession is in the Sand Blast color with a very low drip tip, white and greenish with a marble effect.

The upper cup, provided with the classic thread to tighten it, has a shape that facilitates its grip during opening and closing.

In the lower part of the upper cup, there is a simple frame that prevents the liquid from coming in contact with the whole surface of the cup, which prevents one's hands from getting dirty during the refill phase.

Dismantling the atom leads to the bell and the deck, the threads are of good quality and all give an overall feeling of good build quality.


We come now to the specific features of this atom.

The deck is the most interesting part of this Atom. The airflows are large and circular positioned under the coils and inside they feature pistons that go up or down to open or close the airflow (Piston Flow System), a very original and functional system.

To control the pistons there is a small lever located in the lower cup where normally there is the ring that opens or closes the external airflows.

There is also the possibility of using a small central airflow that can be completely closed by tightening a screw placed at the center of the two turrets, which I use completely open.

This system is made possible by a laterally pierced pin (from which the air enters) and on the top (from which the air comes out).


Final considerations:

Aesthetically I find it very pleased both with standard glass and with bubble glass.

I have built it using my classic builds on RTA dual coils, using Kanthal 24ga, 5/6 spire and Kanthal 22ga 6 spire always on a 3mm tip, suitably straining the cotton and using creamy liquids between 55 and 100w.

The regeneration I prefer is the 24ga with 6 turns on the tip of 3 (the one in the picture)

the flaw of this atom is, as I mentioned, the lack of equipment, especially the absence of an additional drip tip, given that the existing one, although aesthetically very pleasing is really too low and many might not like it.

On the other hand, it is very well made, very easy to build and to be cotton-coated, the shot is very soft, the atom does not heat at all, has never lost a drop and the aromatic yield is remarkable.

Personally, the best RTA dual coils, among those I tried, released in 2018.