The Good, the bad, a squonk - Pulse X Kit from Vandy Vape!

Today we will talk about a fairly compact squonk-set called Pulse X Kit from VandyVape company.
Let's start with the usual unpacking!

The device comes in a blue box with a window.
The front side shows the company logo, the name of the set and the "Standart Version" signature  (there is also a Special Edition with a pulse V2 and High-end Version with a bottle for refueling through the connector).
On the sides, there are QR codes with a link to the company's Instagram account, a sticker with a barcode and serial number, as well as a verification code for originality.
pulse x kit mod

On the reverse side, we can see the main features of the kit (text and pictures), complete setlist and the manufacturer's data.
We open the box and observe mod laid in the carriage box, RDA, and an additional transparent dome for it.
To the right, there is a small box with special stages and accessories.

All the fun is ahead, so look at the equipment!
pulse x kit mod

In addition to the already mentioned box mod, RDA and additional dome, there is a black matte bottle, spacer under 18650, half-meter USB cable, a set of special stages to the RDA (screwdriver, hexagon, conventional pin, a lot of O-rings and screws), instructions, warranty card and a set of two Triple Fused Clapton coils 28ga*3+38ga 0.41 Ohm Ni80.
It`s good to see that the manufacturer took care of consumers and released a wide variety of colors. Differences are not only in color -- the material of the covers is also different, plus they are sold separately. In our case, the set is Kitty Hawk.

Firstly, let`s take a look at the squonk mod!
pulse x mod

As you know, all previous models from the line of "Pulse" squonks were entirely made of plastic. Our test taker is also one of them! The case is plastic, the cover is plastic too with a fashionable resin insert, and, judging by Google, it is made of Nylon + ABS + G10.
The device is quite compact in size - only 82x56x27 mm, and without battery, its weight is only 85 grams. The device supports three battery formats — 18650, 20700 and 21700.
The weight of the device with the latter one is 160 grams.

Here we have main control buttons and display.
The display is bright, monochrome, with a diagonal of 0.91 inches. In bright sunlight, it is perfectly visible, and moreover, you can adjust the brightness (more on that later).
Below are two push-buttons "+" and "-", and a micro — USB port to charge and reprogram the device. The only button remain is "Fire". It is on top, the diameter of 1.3 cm.

It is made of steel, 18mm in diameter, mounted almost flush with the case (sticks out a little), the pin is "gold-plated and spring-loaded". Connector platform allows you to wind atomizers up to 25mm in diameter.
Now pay attention to the cover.
pulse x mod

It is held on two magnets and three projections with a corresponding "groove" on the body. One of the covers has a hole for the finger (it is necessary for pressing the bottle), and the opposite is just solid, but there is a slot to make it easier to remove the battery.
Inside the battery compartment polarity is marked (bottom is "+", the top is "-"), the upper contact is spring-loaded. 21700 sits tight, not loose, not wobbly, is inserted easily and removed just by pushing in the other side.
Now let`s look at the bottle.

It is soft, silicone, dark gray. The volume is 8ml. Vandy Vape logo is "engraved" on a plastic cover, the top of the cap has a notch for a more comfortable grip.
In general, the bottle opens and closes perfectly, it does not pass air, easily pressed and, most importantly — perfectly performs its function.
I almost forgot - if the standard color of the bottle doesn`t suit you, in addition to black one there are at least four colors (green, blue, red and transparent, buy here)

A little conclusion on design and ergonomics:

It lies nicely in a hand, the edges are rounded, no sharp parts or burrs. Though it is made of plastic, it does not seem like a toy. There is a small lift of covers, but it appears only with a conscious shifting up and down (not in use).

In my opinion, the appearance of the device is not bad, but I am not happy with the embossed "VANDYVAPE” inscription on the rear end — skin particles, dust and dirt can stick there, and it is not entirely clear how to wash and clean it all out without using various brushes, cotton sticks, etc.
We talked about the box mod, now let's discuss its inner part!
Let's start with a list of the main characteristics:
•Power: 5-90W
•Resistance: 0.05-1.5 Ohm for TC, 0.05-3 Ohms for VW
•Max. output voltage: 8.5 V
•Can use 18650/20700 and 21700 batteries
•Temperature limit is from 200 ℉ to 600 ℉ / 100 — 315 ℃
•A huge amount of protections
•Updated software


Pressing "Fire" five times turns the device on and off, pressing three times allows you to switch modes. Switching is carried out using the "+" and "-"buttons.
Available modes:
P – varies watt, Bypass, V - Variable Voltage, and the thermal control with SS (stainless steel), Ni (Nickel) and Ti (titanium).

Moreover – after the atomizer is connected mod asks us if the coil is new (+Yes, — no), and if so, the box mod puts the power automatically.
And most important — watts are switched by an integer!
Simultaneously holding the "+" and "Fire" locks and unlocks the control buttons and holding "-" and "Fire" turns the screen.
Hold "+" and "-" to get to the device menu.

Here we have the following features:
•Return to the previous screen (arrow back);
•DIY - set up presets
•N/H - allows you to select Normal / Hard modes (includes preheater for variwatt), if you press "Fire" 4 times from the main screen, preheater will work.;
•ID – shows the ID of the chip;
•VER - displays firmware version information;
•Wrench and screwdriver - go to the mod settings menu.
In the settings menu, you can navigate by pressing "Fire", and change the settings using "-" and "+".
In the settings under each item there is a dash, and if it is empty, then the function is disabled. So, for example, the thermal control, bypass, vari-volt and high mode can be completely turned off, and the items will disappear from the original mode switch (which is a triple press).
Other functions can be adjusted:
•NLS (No Lift Shift) - this item allows you to read its resistance without twisting the atomizer and questioning about a new coil;
•ST — allows you to adjust the time the screen is turned off in standby mode
(2 to 90 seconds);
•BRI — adjust the display brightness (30/50/80/100);
•FIR -- lock "Fire" (if the dash is empty, then when you press " + " and "Fire" all buttons are blocked, and "Fire" too. If the dash is painted, then only "+" and «-» are blocked.
•RST — reset to factory settings.
Impressions from the box mod:

It works well, the response is fast, and I believe the fact that the claimed 90 watts are real.
But it all depends on the quality of the battery, its model, charge, wear, etc. I tested it with 21700 Golisi S35.
But the con is that I note a well-audible high-frequency chipset squeak.
It is hearable even when the display is turned on, and when "roasting" coils it becomes only louder and more intense.

And now let's discuss the RDA!

Let's start, as always, with the enumeration of dry characteristics:
It is made of stainless steel, the diameter of the drip is 24 mm, height is 30 mm with an included 810 drip tip and steel skirt. With a transparent dome, the diameter is almost 25 mm and height is 28mm. The drip is designed for 2 coils, but it can fit 4.
If you do not want to buy a kit, it is always possible to purchase a drip separately.

As in the case of the mod, the manufacturer did not skimp on the color palette, and this RDA is available in five colors, but the drip tip will always be almost the same as in the presented image.
Construction and features!

The drip consists of four parts — a drip tip, airflow ring, airflow cap, and base.
A drip tip is just as usual. It is 810, acrylic, in general - standard and nothing stands out.  All 810 drip tips from my collection suit greatly.

pulse x RDA

The airflow is adjustable in three positions - the upper and lower hole, only the lower one and only the upper one. Each option can be opened completely or partially covered.
And yes, there is spherical processing.

The steel airflow cap is painted in black matte paint, there are a "Pulse X" engraving and a simple pattern in the form of curves. The transparent dome is made of plastic, there are no engravings or something like that.
The inside of the airflow cap and the dome there are two keyway "lock", due to which these are put only in one position and don`t scroll around.

The airflow on a steel airflow cap is made with six holes on both sides (2x3mm each), through which the air passes at an angle.
There are 12 small holes (1mm) on each side of the plastic dome, and the air moves at an even greater angle.
The base is extremely unusual!

The building deck is made in the form of the letter X (hence the name), the holes for the legs of the coils are criss-cross. Clamping screws are at an angle, the hole is 3 x 2 mm in diameter, coils can be installed both vertically and horizontally, some people manage to put even 4 coils.
To secure the airflow cap, the base has two "keys" and two thick O-rings. But that's not all.

The main feature of the RDA is the intake of liquid: through the squonk-pin liquid enters a special hole above, drops on the coil, and the excess is taken by the hole from below.

And it seems that everything is beautiful, and the manufacturer drew a GIF and beautifully painted, but in fact — all this works correctly up to a certain point.
The bottom line is: the top feed works as long as the bottle is filled at least half. After devastation system suffers from lack of pressure, and "precious liquid" simply does not reach the top, and is poured from the bottom.
Yes, wetting still occurs, but it`s not clear what was the point to make everything so complicated.
Unfortunately, the problems do not end there.

Designed for squonk, but works poorly with squonk-pin.
What is the point — when using an RDA with a squonk-pin, the resistance of the coil is different, as if we put the most common pin.
Moreover, a couple of times I even caught the short circuit, checked the deck, checked whether the pin is twisted, and still the resistance was different (with the usual-0.32, with squonk-0.24)
Perhaps this is specifically my sample of this RDA, but I had the same with another drip — Lit RDA. It hadn`t survived, a couple of days later the detention center had burned down.
Pulse X RDA already lives for more than three weeks, and I think it won't reach any failure.
But even this is nothing compared to the fact that drip is just... not tasty. Neither with a steel cap nor with a plastic dome.
Lots of clouds, but completely no taste. "Games" with coils brought no results, and setting the other too (I tested about 4 different pairs, in the end, I just gave up.)

Pulse X manages to lose to even a single-sided Paradox RDA/Drop Solo in taste.
That's it.
Let's summarize the whole set!

My opinion is as follows: the set is extremely ambiguous — RDA is frankly not very good, but at the same time I have no claims to the squonk box mod.
The device is convenient, compact, supports all modern types of batteries.
During all the time of use (almost a month) I haven`t seen any scratches or scuffs.
By design, the RDA looks good, but it is not particularly convenient to put coils, and the problems which I described above don`t make me happy.

So, pros:
•Good, responsive chipset with a standard set of functions
•Ergonomic design and nice appearance;
•A large number of colors
•Relatively low price ($51 for a kit)
•RDA (good idea but bad implementation)
•High-frequency chipset squeak