Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA

First, we see a box in a standard Digiflavor red, black and white color scheme. In front of the box, we can see a window through which you can see the RDA, company logo, Vapor Chronicles logo and the name - Drop Solo. On the sides of the box, there are links to the company's resources and even more logos. There's a protection stickers from the first autopsy. On the back side, there are descriptions of the contents, addresses, links, a lot of unnecessary information and product verification code for originality.

Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA

Inside the box we find: Rda, additional grey Ultem cap (it consists of several parts), usual t-shaped screwdriver, hex wrench, a lot of waste paper, 6 spare screws (two pairs for hex screwdriver, and one pair for slotted screwdriver), o-rings, squonk pin, adapter for 510 drip tip and then a couple of coils, which is quite good by the way. The RDA is available in three colors — steel, black and gold, but actually, there are six colors, because the additional acrylic cap has its own color shade.  The diameter of the RDA is 22mm and height is about 33mm with a drip tip. The drip tip is 810. It has no O-rings and is made of ultеm. Moreover, with the additional top cap, the drip becomes almost 24mm wide (due to the protection ring), keep this in mind. Pins (common and squonk) are gold plated and stick out quite well. In my opinion, the appearance becomes better comparing to the predecessor Drop Rda. The color scheme has become simple, all sorts of recesses, engraving have appeared. Really great design!

Let us consider the RDA in detail and make a comparison between the steel and Ultem top caps.

Drop Solo RDA

Drop Solo consists of four parts: drip tip, airflow ring, airflow cap, and deck. The cap is engraved with the logo "Drop" on one side, and "Solo" on the opposite. Spherical processing is slightly traced. Air passes through 10 holes on each side. Adjustment is done by turning the ring in a circle.  In general, it is the same implementation as on a common Drop RDA. Build deck has no particular changes as so, but the size has become less. The installation of the coil is similar too and there are no problems with biting off the legs. The diameter of the holes for the installation of spirals is quite large, big and fat coils will fit without problems.

drop solo

The additional Ultem cap has a number of differences from the steel version. It also consists of 4 parts, but instead of a base, it has a beautiful ring - the part in which you need to install the base. Detail performs a decorative function, but still adds some strength to the design and serves as a spacer between the base and the mod connector, so with it, you can forget about scratches on your box mod. The Ultem cap has 6 holes, but their adjustment has not gone away – it is implemented in the same way. There is no spherical treatment and drip tip differ in shape and height, but it's still 810 size. All my collection of 810х drip tips of different sizes, shapes and varieties sets without any problems - just perfect. By the way, if you block the airflow almost completely, The quality of all parts in the kit is great, there is nothing to complain about. The color is amazing, no traces of CNC machining. Let`s move on to conclusions.

drop solo show

The taste of rda is great, in some aspects it is much better than the other 1 coil rda's. Steam generation is also on the high level.

Contents makes you happy because of its "richness", but especially by the presence of an additional cap. Truly, two drips in one! And the biggest plus of this rda - the price. At the moment, you can buy it for only $20! Great price for such a versatile device! I highly recommend you to purchase it!  -- Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA

Thanks so much the review from Vlad Vlad Dokshin