Today we talk about a very popular device in the European market, which has become a "killer" of everything, and gave start a series of disputes.

Let's start from unpacking!

Device is packed in white-grey box. On front side we can see device photo, Ijoy Shogun logo, and we can spot a "contains nicotine" warning sign. On other side there is a picture of a samurai and a logo, and on the other all sorts of icons and a note "made in China". On the reverse side we can see what package includes, a sticker with scratch field to check the originality, links to company resources, warnings, manufacturer data and bar code.

Inside we meet the standard set: half a meter of microUSB cable in fabric braid, warranty card and detailed instructions written in many languages

The box is not interesting for us anymore, cable and papers too, but device we should look closer!

The Boxmod is made according to the standard formula — zinc alloy case and colored resin.

Sizes — 88х55х28.5mm, powered by two 18650 batteries, weight with them is 244 grams.

The device is available in 6 colors, we have a "Splendor" one.

Let's talk about front side!

On top is a round metal "Fire" button with a diameter of 1.2 cm, just below — a bright monochromedisplay with a diagonal of 0.96 inches.

Still, on the front side of his place found a small button "+" and "-" , as well as the microUSB connector, through which you can both charge and flash firmware of the device.

About the connector.

It is a standard 510 type, slightly raised, with a gold-plated spring-loaded pin and a diameter of 19mm. A wide connector platform will easily fit everything up to 27mm in diameter. There is nothing to say about the bottom.

Here found place logos, venting holes and all of this knocked out on matte plastic.

About battery compartment.

Contacts of batteries brass, and the top is spring-loaded.

Insert the battery is convenient to pulling out too, thanks to the fabric loop. The cover is held on two magnets, so almost no backlash. For some reason on the inner side is a logo of the Board and continents of planet Earth on its background.

About the chip.

Main features:

  • Power 1 — 180W;
  • Resistance: 0.05-3 Ohm;
  • Max. current output: 45 A;
  • Max. output voltage: 7.5 V;
  • Work from a pair of 18650 batteries;
  • Max. charging current: 1.85 А;
  • A huge amount of protection at the board level

Briefly about the main screens and box mod control:

The display of the device shows current wattage, the selected mode, voltage or Fahrenheit/Celsius, the current coil resistance, number of puffs and charge of each of the batteries.

Five Times pressing "Fire" button turns the device on and off, three times pressing allows you to switch modes.

While pressing and holding the "+" and "-" is forced to read the resistance of the coil, and the serial pressing of the same buttons are blocked all the buttons of the device, but you have to update the firmware to version 1.5 and above for last feature.

Let's run through the operating modes:

  • l P - VW mode;
  • l T — Thermal control with a choice of Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS) and two custom M1 and M2 presets ;
  • l POD — a mode for working with MTL atomizers, in which the voltage is adjustable from 2.5 to 3.8 Volts.
  • l PMode (dashes with a dot) — selection of preheating mode, consisting of: Soft (power is 20% less than the installed one), Norm (installed power), Hard (power is 30% higher) and User (power setting during the first three seconds of each puff, each column is half seconds);
  • l TCR — curve mode;
  • l USER — menu with button to reset the puffs counter and set the display off time.

The overall impression of the device!

I can absolutely say one thing - the device is worthy of their money.

The good ergonomics and the stable working board allows to use the device every day without any problems.

But it is not necessary to name it among the best in the market. iJoy Shogun is far from perfect, but the flaws are easy to overlap the price.


  • Good, responsive chip with standard features;
  • Low price(37$);


  • The appearance emphasizes the cheapness of the device (my opinion);
  • Build quality varies from device to device;

With you were Vladsmesh, thanks for reading and see you soon!